Light question for autoflowers

Just received my seeds, so exciting.( Beginner auto mix) I have a 400 HPS light in a 5x5 tent. Should I just start them at 24/0 til they flower? Then 18/6? There seems to be so many choices with autoflowers. Just not sure where to start. And is it really true if any dark time is interrupted they won’t mind?

There are lots of styles of growing…
I did 24/7 under a dome for first 10 days…
18/6 till it had lots of pistils somewhere around 4 weeks…
12/12 after that…plants got to about 20" height and lots of buds


Your 400w light will fall short of what you need in that 5x5. You would need something closer to 1000w dimmable and turn it down to 75%



Do the first week as seedlings 24/0
then, weeks 2-3 18/6
then, 12/12 till done… they do most of there growing in the dark!
Do the 12/12 till she eats herself up, when we stop feeding her a couple of weeks
before chop, so she’ll be a smooth smoke.

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