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@dbrn32 I want you to look at this amazon light and tell me if it would be a good first light for a beginner grower.

If its a violation i will take it down but i need your help DB

It’s only 150 actual watts at the wall (according to their specs). It’d be enough to grow one medium size plant in a small tent. If that’s all you ever want to do it’ll work.

The problem is, most people decide they want to grow more, and then buy another amazon light, and then another. At some point they realized they’ve bought a few mediocre inefficient lights, when for the same outlay, they could’ve gone with cobs or quantum boards.


It’s definitely not anything near the par levels of 1000 watt hps. But would probably do ok in a small space for a beginner. If you’re 100% committed to growing, you could probably justify spending a little more up front. If you go with that light, it would probably be lacking in anything bigger than a 2x2’ space.


My buddy is using one and it works pretty well for what it is
He finished one of my purple haze plants under it and it performed well

Roleadro has that same light, except it pulls 270 from the wall. In my opinion, you’d be better off getting two of the 300w versions so that you have a little bit bigger footprint


Perhaps if you buy 2 or 3 of those; It would be fine for a beginning grow.

I would prefer more intense lighting and it is worth the investment. You get what you pay for in life and in yield! Happy growing :slight_smile: lw


I have a few roleadro light they work well but im with @latewood in lighting
And have since went with a 630 watt cmh
I still use my leds and cons but mostly as sode lights and germination early veg lights
The 315 watts cmh fixtures are relatively inexpensive imho

I actually always use a T5 4 lamp fixture for early veg. Cannot beat it!

I use my digital 600watt MH turned down 50% for veg, and add my cheap LED lamps in flower as side lighting as Countryboy mentioned. I also believe the differenyt psectrum added to the side is lived by the plants; They grasvatate towards the LED lamps I use.

LED lamps I use are 2 Mars Hydro 300w which is actually 140 watts. I bought them for 70 bucks a piece and the link is available in the ILGM Buyers Guide. Before you ask; They are most white light with some red added…somewhat “blurple” but, I am happy with them as enhanced lighting and enlarging the foot print a bit.

Later, lw

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Hello you all . I would like to grow 2 autoflower in 1x1x2 grow what is the best light for them ?

Maxisun has made some really great budget lights there mf1000 is better then spiderfarmer and Mars for budgets and it has a remote daisy chain ir for a red boost

Looking for a light for my 2x4’ tent. Considering the SF2000 and HLG 300L Rspec. My worry is that HLG rates their light for 3x3’ in flowering which seems strange to me as the overall shape is rectangular. Thoughts?

They are using total light output to calculate daily light integral. They could say 2x4, but has enough light to hit recommended dli in the larger space.


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