Light question 12/12 to14/10

Hi I’m running photosensitive cheese and want to run a auto flower with them would 12/12 for a week to set the bud then bump it to 14/10 will that help the auto and let the rest bud well or am i just wasting power

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Photos need 12/12 consistently to maintain flowering. Going to more hours following the flip to 12/12 can cause the plant to reveg (interrupt flowering.) An auto should to fine on 12/12 so long as the light intensity is sufficient.


I just went through doing a auto and a photo together and i will not do it again the auto did not like being under a 12/12 light cycle if ur going to do it let the autoflower finish first before you flip the photoperiod plant

Good lights and 12/12 is just fine. Autoflower are no different than photo except flower automatically. Auto are NOT a special alien plant requiring special needs. Can grow them start to finish under 12/12. Strong light for 12 to reach dli and worry not.


Stay at 12/12, the auto will be fine, you don’t want to confuse the photo.


I just got done confusing my girls because i was confused(stoned) maybe. Wrong light cycle for what I was doing after the autos finished i switched back to 18/6 for 2 weeks then 12/12 they are all in flower now and thriving. Amazing how easy it is to screw up, plants are amazing what you can do with them.


Trying light cycle 10/2 On/Off to max hours of heat from lights and keep flowers under 12.
Garden has seedlings started 11-11-22 should flowers die. Half went to single leaves (new to me, but forum explained), most flowers did a quick stretch and some went bush.

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I’m not grasping what your saying, I would only be guessing, just a little more or is it the lava rock that I just smoked never even new of such a thing. Black Sabbath in the back ground pretty sweet buzz.


I am trying a light cycly of 10/2 to boost seedling with more light hours while retaining flowing plants with less than 12 ON time. The reveg can occur if you change from 12/12/ to 14/10, and if a plant wants to freq out. Half my flowers did a quick reveg (single leaf and stretch). Learning Lesson #142. When I boosted above 13/11 to 18/6 and disaster hit (Not as bad as 24/0 and the Hermi invasion of 6/22).
I need more hours of light source generated heat, vice buying an oil fluid contained radient heater, for the GARAGE.

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Garage cools down too much when lights off, right? Attic the same, after trying different things I just had to move my tent today. Last attempt was draping the intake over a heater. It’s getting unsafe haha

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I may switch to a 24/0x7 veg tent to keep heat for the flower tent.
Need to un-reveg the mid flowering flowers and keep ladies warm.
Fourth day of 10/2 repeatedx2daily and I am still holding my breath.
Or “Waiting To Exhale”

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My first tent build was in a bedroom and i was ably to ductwork the heat from furnace and small heater back up. Well i moved into the walkin attic tried to improve insulation Im feeling good the 4inch will bring warm air in from pellet stove heat right now open WR is 74 room is 66 interesting shows there is some insulation from panda film not asnice as mylar but reflects great.

12/12 light cycle all flowering. I love growing.

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