Light Question 1000w

I have a 1000w dimable ballast and 1000w HPS bulb Want to use it in a 4’x4’x8’h room. Is this to strong? Should I dim it to 75% or 50%. I have an air cooled hood with a 6" 440cfm fan

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@pjcorb708 considering your light is dimable, i’d do like you said maybe at 50% see how things go…you can always turn it up when needed… @Majiktoker may be able to elaborate further on this, happy growing!

You could use the 600 watt setting with no problem in a 4 by 4 I’m currently using 600 watts in my five by five, sometimes I’ll turn to 1000 watts when the canopies real thick but I don’t think you have a problem with 600, like the above poster said give it a try you can always turn it up !?

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I would use the 1000 watt if you have proper ventilation to do so

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