Light problems ya

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Ok so who knows a humidifier and a heater that don’t have lights on them? I tried taking them apart and putting electrical tape on them. Only thing I didn’t do was literally break the bulbs because I was fearful that it would break the entire unit. Haaalp

What are you asking

During the night schedule of a marijuana plant, total darkness is important. So much that any light can cause adverse reactions from the plant (you know this). How do you humidify and heat your grow room without the power light emitting and ruining your crop?

I just put black electrical tape over mine… If it’s a green light it won’t matter. Plants reflect green light.
I have a green headlamp I put on to wear if I need to go into the grow room at night.


And if you still have leaking just put some green painter tape of 2 inch on it and it should do the trick :innocent:

Both have gave good answers or just for night if possible tape black trash bags over where light leak is coming from

What makes my situation interesting is that they are plastic appliances (the humidifier and the heater) which have not only the worst light (a red bulb which I popped out the lense with a knife so they are now white lights) but also they are buried in the plastic white appliance which means putting electrical tape only stops the hole but the actual light radiates and glows the entire unit.

I wanna say remove it, we will see what others say, @garrigan62 what’s your opinion on this

I say light, is light. And we all know what that does.

Will I break the appliance by crushing the light?

Well bad advise if a grower doesn’t want stressed plants, removing the source of light is more than likely the best option


Okay, I don’t understand where you’re going with all this info.
The dude was just wanting to know if the lights on his appliances (heater) in his grow room with stress his plants during their dark period.

What does all this have to do with putting a piece of tape or something over an LED.

just spray paint them all flat black if that solves it

It may glow from the sides and back. Why am I unique here? I feel like it’s the twighlight zone. Can anyone recommend a non luminescent heater and humidifier? Or does everyone spray paint them?

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Well, this is the one I use. It’s infrared. I like them better because they heat not only air, but objects in the room.
Makes no noise, and has a digital console.
No lights!
Just look on…
target dot com

What about the green led reading on the front? I’m dealing with 8 square feet. That’s too expensive and large.

my humidfier is a vicks cool mist and it has no light

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There should be a recommended products section on this forum

I think that most of us would agree with you on that… maybe you should start that topic and start doing some investigation as to what would work really good… I have a ceramic heater that has kind of a light on it and I just put duct tape over it… my air conditioner has a light on it and I just put duct tape over it …I don’t know seems to work for me but I do understand what you mean… my radio has a light on it which lights up the whole damn thing so what do you think I did …the whole radio is duct taped… LOL



I’m close to crushing the lights. Is there anyone who know if the light is necessary for operation?