Light Placement in a 2" x 2" grow Box

I have a 2’x2’ grow box and two 300 mars lights. They are spaced evenly across the 2’x2’ area (See pic). Would they be better if I butt them together in the center of the box. I am looking for the best light distribution with the Mars 300 See enclosed

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lighting questions we default to @dbrn32, he knows his sh*t. :+1:


Thanks for tag @daddydays.

I usually keep them a little tighter to center. You want your best intensity over heart of your canopy and to take advantage of reflection off your walls for the edges. But they’re pretty close already, so I’m not sure if you would see a big difference in going through the hassle of moving them inch or two closer. Probably fine the way you have them.

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Thanks for the quick reply @dbrn32, I will probably keep them the way they are. I have been having good luck with them the way they are

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Sounds good to me.

Hi guys. If someone could help me that would be great. I am a first time grower. I have 2 super skunk autos growing. They are approximately 7weeks old from germination. The pistols have started to pop out. They only have a few levels and the bid is starting to grow. I use 3 led lights. 1-100w 2-65w and 3- 65w. I water ever other day and use nuts. Any advice on anything. Will I even get a nice amount of colas? How much longer will it be till harvest? I have them in a box lined With Mylar

Usually 8 weeks minimum from time you see pistils.