Light percentage? NEED HELP

This is my 1st time so bare with me ha. I’m nervous to turn the light up on my light…its a maxsisun pb4000, I have it set at 60% right now which is 253watts. I was wondering when I should go to 100% or should I go from 60% to 70% to 80% till I get to 100% or would it be ok to just put it on 100%. My plants around about month and half maybe lil less. Thanks in advance for any help appreciate it.


I would ease them into the light if it’s much more powerful than what you have now I would not want to light burn the plants just my thoughts :slight_smile: set your ppfds according to growth stage, very nice looking plants


Yep, I’d bump it up 10% each week and you should be full blast by flower.


I turned them on 70% and I’m going 10% each week like u said, they are about month an half now, by the time I get to 100% should I from them into flower. Im not sure how long to veg for my tent is the ac infinity 4x4x80 so I have a little bit of room but not a ton. And how high would u hang the light from the canopy during flower @JJ520 @BobbyDigital @dirtydave @Dankloud
Hope u dont mind me tagging u guys. Trying to learn as much as I can. Thanks for all the help already.

From the pictures you could keep them in veg for a while longer

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Should probably veg at least 2 months just my thoughts, would probably start the lights 24 to 30 inches at 6 to 800 ppfd and work up from there try to get to around a thousand 900 at least let the plants grow twords the light to increase ppfd then bump light up as needed for flower but I’m still a newbie so don’t go off just my opinion

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