Light Per Plant

Is a 600 watt MH bulb too much light for 2 plants grown in a 8 feet tall by 4 feet long by 3 feet deep closet?

Will that same 600 watt MH bulb germinate the seed properly?

                   Keep It Sleezy,
                                    Brandon Triolo

No , just make sure your lights are at the right height and you keep your temps in the right range .

Will you switch to hps light during flowering?

@yoshi is right, room temps can make or break a grow. Best to be aware ahead of time.

Available electricity is important.

Even for germinating?

You can use just about any light as long as it is the proper distance from seed cup. I grow from seed threw harvest with a high pressure sodium. I never use a special veg. Light or any metal halide. Happy growing! Mike