Light or PH issue on the little ones

This is my first time doing this and I am trying to get it right so
I will try to keep this short and on point without rambling on.
The seeds are Gorilla Glue autoflower, the soil is peat and coconut mix, Distilled water, led grow light approximately 12" from the plants, grow tent with temperature of around 80. I thought everything was going well until I started seeing the changes to the leaves and now I am starting to worry.


Looks like you may be burning them up with your light. Exactly what kind of light do you have?
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Anybody have a clue here?

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Hi Bigpat and welcome to the community. Your in the right place as there’s plenty of great help here. I’ll start with a few questions. What light are you using and how many watts does it use at the wall? Whats your relative humidity roughly? Are you getting water on the leaves when you water? Are you using any nutrients or additives? I’m sure the other members spy mentioned will chime in with some good info.


What kind and how much nutrients are you using? Can you step back and take a pic of the setup where we can see the light and plants?

Plants seem to be stretched a bit is my issue as with a strong light that shouldn’t be an issue but the yellowing appears to be nitrogen defiency.

Maybe we could tell more with a pic of the setup and the light type, wattage nutrient -water schedule etc.

Good luck


I agree with the above… but will wait for u to answer a few of the questions.

Specifically. Lighting type. Watering habits (frequency and how u do it). Nutrients?


Hello and thank you for the help.
My grow tent is a AC Infiniti, the light is a Vivosun, the plants are approximately 17" from the lighting on a steady 24hr on at 100%. as food the only thing has been what’s in the starting seed mix of peat and coconut fiber, water is just plain distilled I check twice a day and keep it damp, I use one of the empty spots to judge how much I need to use.
Did I miss anything? Thank you again

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Go 18/6 at 30% that should help the leaf situation.


Thank You! Thank You!