Light opinion for a rookie!

In the market for a new light. Any opinions on this?

VIVOSUN Patented Design VS4300 LED Grow Light Foldable Dimmable Plant Grow Light with Samsung & OSRAM Diodes and 5 Dimming Option - Full Spectrum Light for Indoor Plants


What size grow space and number of plants you’re planning on running? HLG makes top of the line LED fixtures but a little costly. Viparspectra seems to have stepped up their game, budget friendly and using the Samsung LM301H diodes :love_you_gesture:

Be very careful with Amazon lights. 90% are crap. a lot of people on the forum like hlg. They are expensive, but you don’t want to cheap out on the light. It’s probably the most important thing to buy correct.


I got burnt on some no brand china grow lights on amazon. This is what I use now to grow 2 autos at a time through all stages.
2022 SPIDER FARMER SF2000 LED Grow Lights with LM301B Samsung Diodes & Dimmable Lights Daisy Chain Full Spectrum Plant Growing Lamps Hydroponics for 3x3 Grow Tent 200W
It was advised to me to look for the samsung LM301B diodes and It was some of the best advice I have ever recieved. As someone else said my understanding is that HLG is top of the line right now if they fit within your price range. It is very easy to get ripped off on lights. I was also advised to get 100w per sq ft. of intended grow space.

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I would second the HLG. Determine your growing space, and match an hlg light to it. I use a hlg 350r for a 2x4 tent, and it works great. Yeah, they’re expensive, but it’s the most expensive, and most important piece of equipment you’ll buy. Some people are having good luck with Spider Farmer too. If you shop for hlg, look at the refurbished ones, and use code DUDE for a discount.

As for the vivosun light I have no experience. I do know many people aren’t a fan of vivosun. I do have a vivosun inline fan and carbon filter that I will say performs as expected so far. (about 3 months old) That is only equipment of their line I have tried.

I prefer sonofarm bar style lights in a 4*4

At that price HLG is is a way better option.
That Vivosun has inferior diodes.