Light on Seedlings

Leaves are curling under. Too much light? I’m running a 1200 W Amazon grow light (seems like they are all about the same) and a 400w LED 5500k high bay light laterally. I run veg on the grow light for 20 hours and turn on veg and bloom for a couple of hours a day. Both lights are at 24"

RH is 37 to 50%
Temps 72-78 daytime, 64-68 at night.
Only giving the plant sips of water (~5ml at a time.) 2 oz. last watering 2 days ago. pH 6.
Soil pH 6 to 7.
No nutes.
Soil is FF (40%,) perlite (20%,) peat (20%,) biochar (5%,) worm casings (5%,) and vermiculite (10%.)

Is this your only plant under those lights?

I have 4 seedlings. Originally only one showed these symptoms and now I have a second showing the same curling under. It looks like a third is headed that way.

I’ve shut down the high bay light until I get some guidance that says it may be something else I need to correct.

Typically under just one of those you should be about 30 ", veg setting only.
I would gently brush the dirt away from under the leaves so that they don’t touch the soil anymore.
Water for Soil the pH should be 6.5 to 6.8 and its better to water sparingly. Water away from the plant a few inches and give it a few days to dry out.
Overall they dont look bad.


Thanks, mate.

I would just get a couple 23w CFL for seedlings. Works great and saves electricity


The very same seedling as the previous photo taken 24 hours after backing down the light intensity.

The leaf curling has corrected. We have progress.