Light needed 4x4x6?

Hey, everyone newbie here in the middle of my first grow that I need to strengthen. Wondering about current light setup and whether to add more and what I need for a second setup? Growing indoors, organic soil, 4x4x6 tent, King led 1000 watt (actual wattage idk?) and cmh 315. Unsure how much I am actually getting from King though it seems to be decent for veg. I have cmh 315 coming tomorrow to add to current setup with both it and the king be enough for my 4x4 tent or do I need to add more? Then any suggestions on what to get for the next setup which I will use for vegging to start with Area 2x5 indoor?

@dbrn32 is the resident light guy. He will help you out

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The 315 is a better light than the king led. In most cases you would see a 630 cmh for flowering a 4x4. If you were running the king led you would want probably 4-5 of them to flower the same space. Since you already purchased them, give it a shot and see how the results are.


And for veg alone, I read you only need half the amount of light as it takes to flower. Will one cmh 315 work for that in area 2x4? Or better yet a good led for that area? I originally planned on led completely but haven’t had the money required for good ones yet hoping to upgrade within a year. So my price range right now is $200 any suggestions?

I’m currently using this for a 2x4 area. Check out the link below it’s of the build.

Is that for veg and flower? I’m wanting enough for veg alone atm

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@CC420710 if you want to make a veg only then just get the 4000k spectrum. This is 3000k is the only difference

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You could also think about using the king led for your veg setup & build a qb set up for flower…
The king led should be better for veg than your flower room