Light Mover for a 4x4

Hello everyone I hope the New Year is growing well.

Like everyone, I’m trying to increase my yield and that means it’s time to put a little money into tent development. I’m wondering if anyone has any thoughts on light movers.

  • Are they worth it?
  • Are they quiet?
  • How’s the power consumption?
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@Hogmaster I’m pretty sure he uses one and we were just chatting about it yesterday


@Hogmaster @Countryboyjvd1971 and @Donaldj use light movers and could be of help :wink::v:


I saw that one, that looks good. If no one points out a better one in the next couple days I’ll likely just order that.

The newer one they have same brand 4.0

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Yes they are quite and efficient as well
I would say they are definitely worth the cost they allow your light to hit the plants at different angles
I love mine and will adjust the travel depending on how many plants I have in flower room
And the plants really seems to love being under them
The one @Hogmaster posted is the one I use as well

@Countryboyjvd1971 @Hogmaster Thanks a lot guys!

Quick follow up: Did you guys find any need for that “Stabilizing bar” …

…or that ‘hanging clip’…

…they offer as add-ons?

I have not need anything more then what came in original box except a 2x4 to mount it to
I’m not in a tent to my knowledge the hanging clips are a must have if in a tent @EclecticJack
I haven’t needed a stabilizer bar I’’m running a 630 watt LEC on cradle

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Could I run my three QBs on this??

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They sell a second car that is moved by first power head I suppose you could build a cradle or something and hang from one car tho it can def handle a good amount of weight the one posted anyway the cheaper ones may not hold up ?

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Cool! I would definitly gonwith the merican made one.


The one posted is the best one after doing my reasearch
And I think you’d be happy once using one @Familyman
I had 1500w actual draw using led fixtures in my flower room and was able to switch to a 630w LEC fixture get same if not better results using a light mover well worth the money imho

How far does it travel on the track? Sorry for all the questions.

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No worries it has a max travel of six feet that you can shorten as needed and if you wanted to you can extend the track 2 foot add on sections and add a second car to move a second set of lights if you have a large area to cover @Familyman they have a bunch of add in’s you can pick up
Check out the link and you should be able to find all the extras easily

The kit come with 3 two foot sections so if in a 4x4 tent you’d use two sections

I have a 8ft table with 3 lights. Thinking this may save me from buying another fixture.

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I think it would save you for sure and because it move you basically eliminate the shadows that are created by having a stationary fixture
I cover a six by 10 flower rooom with one fixture and the rail @Familyman

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And for everything else there’s master card lmao. I’ll be ordering this soon!

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