Light meter help for a newbie

Is this a good light meter or an overkill . Or should i just follow my light manual recommendeds . I have an ac infinity ion board and a spider farmer se5000

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I am happy with the Photone app for my IPhone…bought the Full Spectrum unlock for $5.00…just remember to use a heavy printer paper for the filter that is needed for the IPhones…light paper does not give good readings …


I use the photone app. This was tested with a light meter by @BobbyDigital. The sun setting is supposed to be the most accurate.


I tried the app and its 10s of thousands of par off even on low settings

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which setting are you using and what phone?

Did you calibrate it?

I’m just saying he went to purchase a meter. Tested it w/ the photone app. It was close enought he did not buy the meter. Just throwing this out there.

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I have an Android Samsung phone and I’m using Lux setting

Okay I believe I was using the wrong app. I just downloaded the new app

It doesn’t work on all phones…what phone are you using it on? How old?

If you choose that meter would do what you want.

Don’t use lux…many on here use them…but it is a different meter and not the same as the one you chose…ppfd,par,dli is what you are looking for.

Lux is to measure light for people…par,ppfd is for plants and takes no calibration.

Okay I downloaded the right app and it seems to be working great. But what range in those particular settings am I looking for for each stage seedling to flower.

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Choose full sun

You’ll use dli. Here are two charts…one for regular photoperiod the other for auto flowers.

Also check this out:


This is a general chart for most conditions


Now if iirc, the full sun setting being the best setting was tested on an iphone with diffuser paper. Has anyone done any comparisons to a meter from an Android? My android readings on “full spectrum” and “full sun” vary greatly, and judging from the wattage pull I’m guessing full sun for Android too… But it’s still kinda a gray area…?

Not sure. I do have an android. I was under the impression the full sun was most accurate. I flower under a hps light. Seems to have worked ok so far.

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Okay so what setting is that chart from brackath

Use the avg light intensity

Maybe I misunderstanding. Is that locks or ppfd. Or is there a setting on this app that I am supposed to be using and matching that chart. Cuz it looks like it was up over 100 to 200 for seedlings and contradicts the other chart that was posted

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Its for ppfd. The other chart is for DLI, didn’t see it before, its another chart I use as well. DLI is just ppfd calculated to the amount of hours of light you are giving.

Ex. If you have a ppfd of 500 @ 18hrs per day that would give you about 32 DLI. Now take that same intensity of 500ppfd and shorten the length to 12hrs per day and you will get a DLI of about 21.

Hope that helps

I just use the ppfd.
200-300 for young
500-600 for vegging
800-900 for flower.
Everyone is a little different here, but close.