Light meter for Android

Have you fine folks ever used either of these apps for measuring light?

Thank you


Allow photo to load before typing

Never used them sorry bro

Nah no light app is any good even with the best cameras all they can measure is lux and that’s VERY unreliable since you need par or ppfd , it’s actually more reliable use a wattage meter and unjust wattage to the ppfd charts provided, or be like me and learn to read your leaves ,praying and stretching means more light shying and tip twisting means less ligh

Some growers use them for a relative comparison, but it is important to remember that these meters measure lumens. Lumens measurement is limited to the wavelengths of light that the human eye sees. PPFD accounts for the wider spectrum of light that can be seen by the plant, but not the human eye.

Some of the light manufacturers publish a lumens to PPFD chart (HLG does.) It’s important to keep in mind that differing lights will have differing PPFD profiles for the same amount of lumens.

I have the Korona app it measures in PPFD or so it says you have to put a piece of paper over the camera the accuracy is suspect

go with the Photone app, It seems to be the most accurate out of all the apps.

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Thanks @Dave101 I can trust the app but if you have android looks like your SOL

I thought photone was available for Android now ? Maybe not

I use the bottom one ppfd meter and works great with Galaxy s21 light meter. Accuracy will depend on your phone. I like it helped me dial in D L I so I could give the plants the most they can use with out wasting light hrs and running up my power bill needlessly.

I down loaded both. Not sure. The one has twice the reading…

The first one is the ppfd meter.

This next one Is the photone app.

i use the photone app. just a note about what i have discovered with it. you need to really clean the screen good in the area of the camera. i get erratic readings with it if i don’t clean it.

I have both loaded on my phone I like the 1st one you posted as it does PPFD & DLI. I do question its accuracy but I only use it for guesstamates, an I won’t be paying $500 for a good one. I used the back of my hand to test light strength before this an still check with it too.

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i don’t know anything about that first app, but when looking at that photo it shows it’s giving a reading as though it’s looking at a 6500K light. maybe that’s what your running, maybe not but i would venture too guess that the reading may be pretty far off. don’t know, just an observation.

The first is what I use. You have to check the menu and select the light source you are using.

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Yes Dave it is I have a blackview a80 plus Android 10 and it has the photone app downloaded

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