Light manipulation

I am a newbie to growing. I have a 5x5x78 grow tent . I have 2 600 watt mars hydro led light sets and 1 of the 96 diode mars hydro reflector lights.currently I am growing 2 northern lights autos, 2 crop king early miss autos, 2 pyramid super og kush autos. my question is. can I have too much light? I was thinking about setting all three on different timers to more better mimic the sun as far as lighting effects. example have one come on at 0430 stay one until 2100 have another turn on at 0800 turn off at 1800 and the last come on at 1100 and stay on until 1500. Has any one ever experimented with something like this? if so could you tell a difference in growth . I could run all three at once for 16 to 18 hours but inside my tent I believe the temps would soar it would be about 1680 watts inside a small 5x5 space. those 600 watt leds actually produce a good amount of heat. thanks in advance for any advice.

Hey how ya doin!!..there is no such thing as too much light when growing indoors… There is a such thing as too much heat is what you would have to watch for but Imo… Run all those bad girls at the same time and figure out heat issue…

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Light = energy. I think if it is in veg mode up to the point of burning the leaves you can’t give it too much light. The lower light at the beginning and end of the light cycle you are looking at could promote stretching if the “twilight” is not intense enough.

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-6500k is considered a blue white light (mostly), 5000 - 5500 k is considered pure white or neutral white and anything below, usually you’ll see maybe something close to 3000, 2700, and sometimes the 2100 as red-ish white, if you will. Technically 5000k to 6500 k can be considered “full” spectrum and will work for any part of the grow, vegging/growing or blooming/flowering.

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It would be good in that you can spred the lights out and get light at different angles in turn getting more light to more area’s of the plants. Like the sun moving in the sky.
I looked at the thread because I manipulate my light to my veggies but you are taking about something different.
I run six hours on two off and the plants like it. I have been reading about ppl vegging canna this way too with faster growth less stress but I have not tested this yet. I am building a new system for testing atm. I will be running auto’s in it.

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