Light leak question pls

So yesterday with all the mothers day distractions i left my tent open all night. This would otherwise not be an issue except i have some seedlings in the same room under 24hr light. The big girls got a pretty good light all night. You think it will cause a problem?

It could, but 1 night isn’t usually a problem.


Very well could, but it’ll be a few days before you know. If you start seeing weird new growth on the buds, you’ll know. Like it’s trying to reveg, or throw nanners. I had one reveg once, and it’s a mess.


Ugh. Pot plants are sooo picky.

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Yup, harvesting one tomorrow that foxtailed on me. Don’t know why. Started using a new hlg 350r that is pretty powerful, and had on full power for a while. Maybe that’s why, who knows. Like you said, they’re picky.

How far into flower did you switch to the hlg350r? Asking because im just starting fourth week of flower, got my new light today and plan on putting her up come light time?

Currently running to china made pos’s and want them out of there.

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15-24" is the recommended distance from flower canopy for the HLG 350 Start at lesst 24" and work down from there a little at a time and watch to make sure the plants still happy. I also keep my light strength dialed back a tad for efficiency purposes.

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7 weeks. The buds are solid on my plant, but the foxtailing is pretty bad. It’s also on the lower buds, so someone said that may be genetics. I just started a gorilla glue auto that I’m going to use the light from start to finish. If it foxtails, I’ll know I’ve got to figure the light out better. I only have it on the 4th notch now, which is 135w.