Light k spec and green light questions


@Niala do you still have that section about green wavelengths handy from the NASA study?


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Yep !!! Ask and you shall receive…lol… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::frog::v:

It’s a ten page resume paper… The entire paper that compares LED with HID is 1028 pages…lol… But to resume, yes, LED are more efficient than HID lights and the green spectrum is very useful too… It reach deeper in the canopy and fulfilled some plants needs that are not photosynthetically reactive, like Rob previous graph clearly shows and are important in flowering stage… A plant will also use around 25% of the green spectrum for photosynthesis…

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Wich would be that green light is a no-go at lights out, right? I did reas but being on my 4th rum n coke not sure I catched all of it :laughing:


:thinking:… new info to me…
So if the plant can photosynthesize with green light… then why haven’t I ever had a problem using them in flower to tend to the garden… ?:thinking:
I’ve accidentally left my green lights on for 6 days while in flower , one table was 1 week into flower , second table was 4 weeks into flower and the 3rd table about 8 weeks into flower… no nanners, no issues… what gives… although I dont have alot of respect for NASA and the way that they like to hide information… so I’m a little sceptical is all… don’t doubt you @Niala:wink:
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Plants do reflect most of the green light they come in contact with, and I would imagine using green light on it’s own isnt going to do much of anything. But when added with your other wavelengths, is when it becomes more prevelant. Now I dont know this as fact, but from what i have read green light does play a role on some other plant species but opening the stomata, or closing them and various other effects.
With cannabis there isnt very much research done with it so I can’t say to the effects of it.


If you were going to use a light at lights out,it should be a green light for sure.


I’m guessing has at least something to do with intensity. I don’t disagree that they seem to be in use regularly without ill effects, but also difficult to say it won’t ever cause an issue.



I have plenty of other papers, not from Nasa source, if you wish my dear friend , but I know you don’t doubt me… :grinning::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::v::sunglasses::frog:

That doesn’t mean that you are not right…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::v::innocent:

The green light will be use at around 25% in photosynthesis when combined with the other spectrum…

Green light spectrum (500-600nm) alone can be use during night cycle with very few adverse effects but not recommended for extended long periods… Intensity of the lights is also really important and have to be taken in consideration… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::v:

Some C3 plants can act, by genetic aberration or cross breeded, have the abilities to act like a C4 plants that are not affected by photoperiod… Maybe yours had some rudalis in it’s genomes…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::v::frog::innocent:

Anyway, as long as we agree that green light is beneficial to some point, everything is fine…lol…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::v::frog:

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This could very well be… I only have 1 little 15 watt green CFL hanging in the middle of a 10’ x 16’ room at 9’ tall and actually the reflectors are basically right in the way of direct plant contact… :thinking:
Now you guys have me thinking…:thinking:

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