Light intensity with Mars ts 1000 in vegetative state

I just put a new Mars Hydro in my 3x3x4 tent. Plant is 23 inches from light. I’m on Day 13 if my grow and starting the vegetative phase. Do I run it at 100% or tone it down?

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If its dimmable definitely lower it. In the beginning you don’t need super intense light. You can save some electricity. Slowly turn it up as they get bigger.


The user manual that came with my Mars Hdro 1000 sez " recommened hanging distance, Germination 12-30 inch, seedling 24 inch, veg 18-24 inch, flower 12-18 inch. page 5 of manual if you still have it.

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Thanks. Got it, didn’t know where though. I’m a newbie that just got some decent lights. My other lights needed to be 7 inches off the plant. I was wondering about the intensity too. I was using 23watt LEDs and didn’t want to shock her with brightness.

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I crank my Mars Ts 1000 to Max from seed to finish The sun is intensity Brite and newbies love it go fig.

I as well have ts 1000 and started with full light.At 3 weeks and looking good after topping. Not sure of the thinking on lower light settings. Interested in anyone’s thoughts on the subject.

I judge by putting my hand over the plant to see how warm it is and move up the light its usally 30 to 50 in for the plant I have never had light burn or streching problems .