Light intensity problem

Hello, guys,
I have question about light intensity. There are a lot of light intensity charts on the internet, somebody said 40000 LUX for vegetative, someone said 20000 LUX is enough. I tried 40000 LUX for vegetative, but it seems too much for my weed and 20000 LUX looks lower than requirement.

Could some expert give me a exact number of LUX for vegetative and flowering?
Thank you very much

LUX quantifies visible light, whereas plants only care about PAR levels. If you’re metering, you want a PAR meter. Lacking that, you aren’t evaluating the whole picture. If you find conversions from LUX to PAR, they aren’t really giving you good advice, IMO.

What’s the situation? We can probably help work around the lack of a PAR meter.

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Think 80.000lux is 1200 in par so if you have around that in flower Think Good buds,but hold your hand on top of your plant so its not to hot.
And I thinking go 50% less in veg or more down.

I read somewere you take lux x 0.015.
So ex: 80.000x0.015=1200par

Good luck

I’ve been thinking about this lately to. Ultimately though I think reading the plants is the way to go. I’m not the expert you seek but I’ve introduced new powerful lights to both of my tents recently. Most recently, was today in fact. Put my new light in at full power at about 15" two hours later I had tacoeing leaves on one plant. I backed off six inches. Will check again tomorrow. If no distress I’ll go back down three inches. Play with it and look at some pictures from a Google search so you know what you are looking for. In my main tent I have two that pray and one that tacos. I know when to go up from those three.