Light help please

So I need help picking out a light. Preferrably a LED setup. I have a grow tent picked out that’s 3x3x6. Not sure how many plants I could put in there. I know I atleast want 2 and I thought that’d for sure be enough. I’m gonna be doing 2 autos maybe more depending on how many I can do efficiently. I’m just tryna plan everything out right now before I start dumping my limited money. Light is my main concern cuz I used to just use sunlight with all my flowers I grew growing up lol, so I’m new in that field


@imSICKkid grows in a 3’x3’ tent. He probably has a light suggestion for you.

Let’s see if he can beat @dbrn32 to the punch.



My viparspar and quantum board combo is working great.


Do you have an initial budget? Do you have a target monthly max expenditure? Any idea of your electrical rate? How much flower do you need to produce every month?


For a 3’x3’ tent, you want an HLG (Horticulture Lighting Group) QB 260W


@Joker114 Welcome to the community. I have a 39” x 39” tent that I am running a HLG-300 r-Spec in and I really like its performance. If I do my part the light will give me good growth and nice tight buds.

Check out my latest grow journal Here and you can see pictures of my ladies and the tent setup.


First choice, qb 260 xw kit.

Building yourself would open up a lot of options.


@dbrn32 for the win!

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I don’t know about that, luck of draw I would say. But the kind words are appreciated!


Yo the help here is greatly appreciated. My budget right now is kinda tight as I’m fixing 2 cars and I got heat to pay for since it’s winter with 3 pets. I’m mostly doing this for personal cuz I go through shit pretty fast, rough life lol. But anything extra I get is cool as I plan on getting rid of it to a few close friends for really good deals. Im tryna buy everything my next paycheck tho if I have to hold off I will and split it into 2 purchases. Also the plants I’m tryna grow are WW autos and Sour D autos. Idk if that makes much a difference?

I’ll have to check those lights out. Can I get them on amazon?

How much do you estimate you can set aside from each paycheck?

Usually 2–350$

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Check these guys out.

Just a newbie but I bought a 6 foot high tent and am sorry I did. No room for lights when the plants get big. Easier to bring lights down than take roof off…


From what I understand autos shouldn’t get nearly that big? And I’m doing autos

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So let’s aim for $400, and if we need to fudge that a little we can.

If you need to be discrete, and I recommend you be discrete regardless of legal risks, you’ll want a carbon filter. That means a fan, ducting, and filter.

Tents are a good idea. Since you’re growing autos, you don’t need to absolute best because light leaks aren’t a huge concern.

Soil in pots is probably the way to go; they’re cheap and forgiving. You can still get fancy with it if you want.

There are some budget friendly import LED lights on amazon that will absolutely work. The HID lights (High Pressure Sodium, Metal-halide, Ceramic Metal-halide) are initially cheaper. You can Buy a light to cover more area and grow more flowers for less money. You’ll pay for it in the long run. They are damn expensive to operate. That’s why I asked about energy costs.

**So everyone, make recommendations **

  1. Filter and matched fan and duct ($50-100)
  2. Tent (<$90)
  3. Soil and pots (3 gallons/plant)
  4. Light ($150-350)

Led grow lights depot has 260 kit in stock, today’s price is $279.


So definitely a little while before I start lol. Thanks a ton for the help. Not sure how the air duct/ fan setup works tho?