LIght help needed

So I had china lights, I know you dont have to say well that’s the problem… That’s not the problem. My cash flow is :wink:… So I had a 600w an 1000w junk lights for my 4x4 . I do have a 3x2 I picked up with a mars hydro ts 1000 … Now here’s my question… I seen all these pictures with this light way up high … I seen them Way down low. What’s the proper height for my lights to be at ?..I would like to just stick all the lights in the 4x4 … Thoughts??. I’m freaking out over this light crap .

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what you need to do it set the lights at the manufacturers recommendation and then adjust as needed if they are stretching for light lower it a little bit if they are starting to curl or taco need to move it up a little bit I think that most of the Chinese lights have a basic recommendation for 18”


Welcome to the community ! The 4x4 tent looks like you have seedlings. At the seedlings stage they don’t need a lot a light. I would set the light up at 27 inches and watch how they respond for a few days as @Teffygreenthumb mentioned. Good luck