LIght help needed Please

I had cheap China light
600w & 1000w … have a 4x4 an a 2x3
Have another ts 1000 mars hydro … Now can I just add all the lights to the 4x4 ?. An I’m confused on how high to hang the lights… I see them really close, I seen them all the way at the top…
I have done some growing, but I think the more I get into this side the less sense it makes . I used water an dirt, never had a problem. Now that I’m trying to use all this with 20 nutrients nothing but problems , it almost seem if someone’s making more complicated then it actually is.

Frustrated in Chi towm!! :relaxed:

In veg room we run all our leds at around 24” except for the one halide we run just below ceiling height… Flower room we run all sodium’s at ceiling height never move them ever. Watch humidity it’s crazy low in winter here and your only just an hr away from me.
Wish you well!

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Thank you .that actually is a big help…

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Yw., some say 18” I say in my situation 24” kinda gotta dink with that to see what exactly works for your situation.Eenjoy the day it’s going to be 72 deg here today unreal weather