Light Help Needed, Can I Use any of these to grow?


Till I can find a decent Led fixture, cob, or equivalent, I have a lot of misc bulbs I was trying to use for a first indoor grow on 2 autoflowers, most of my grows have been out door, so I’m clueless on growing a full term photo period with the lights I have so I figured a couple autos was a good start, so if any 1 could suggest which of these lights is good for and when it would be greatly appreciated lol, anyways here’s the pics of what I got…

Now I got ton of these, granted some of them need a special base or ballast to run, but I figured I would ask you guys first what you think, and other yeah I got 2 of these to

Let me know what you guys think, lol

This may be simplistic but you can get cani bus to grow with a flashlight if you had to, however you won’t get any flower with it (at least not any worth smoking) there is much more involved than “just light” going on here. There are many here that can "explain " thi’s better than I. So to answer your question yes you can and no you cant!

@Ryansway a better way to do this is to type out n list brand name, wattage,
(Actual and ‘replacement’), although actual is all that matters, led or cfl, and K temp.

@dbrn32 is our lighting expert. Im sure some of those would work better then others. N quite a few seem like decent ‘veg’ lights. But for flowering ur gonna need better intensity as @Audiofreak stated.

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Energy Saver - 100w rplmnt, 23w actual. 6000k. Decent seedling veg light

Feit Electric - 19.5w rpmt, 9w actual. 3000k. Will need bout 5 but devent veg.

Feit electric - 38w, 5000k. Same story.

Long story short. Yes and no.

hey @elheffe702. How many watts did it take to light up the ole bud box?

It’s a 175 watt blurple (there was ‘69 watts of ghetto’ in the closet :joy:) , was covering about 18" x 22" :star_struck::sunglasses:
I’m just thinking what the Frigidank™ 2.0 will be like. You know it’s going to happen at some point. If I start planning it now, it’ll make the other one look silly(er).

4 of those 23 watt bulbs will light a 2 x 2 nicely, at about 8-10 inches in reflectors. Here’s just 2 of them lighting a plant in veg:

They will generate a good amount of heat, so set your circulation up to help with that, or even utilize it. I put the younger plants higher in the closet to use the heat to my advantage.


Thanks bro! I started googling at work and ran out of typing time. Then audio liked my post when i had time to think n ur tag popped in my head. Its doable @Ryansway just takes some fine tuning

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T5 ballasts you would pretty much need rest of the fixture and bulbs. The rest of the stuff you could pretty much use in whatever combination you need to.

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I think it was @imSICKkid saying on another thread just now, he uses something similar, but the higher wattage ones made for photography.



Yeah I’ve looked into light a lot these past few days and I think I got a grasp on it now, I belive I’ll end up getting some quantum boards, and use the t5ho lights as side lighting and stack 1 in each corners of the tent, I saw some veg brand bulbs that where supposed to be pretty good, and I’ll order the missing t5 parts, and yeah from what I read you can grow with just about any light it’s just the amount of them you need lol 6400 for seedling and veg, and 2700k for flower, the only thing I couldn’t find info on was the led tubed, no clue on that, seems like it would work but need probably 4 more of them lol

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