Light help for tent

Hello, I’ve dropped this question here but maybe I did something wrong as Im new to forum.
I’m on my 2nd grow the first one I did in a closet with a king 1500 watt led and was ok but nouthing I recently bought a 5x5 tent and a 1000 watt metal halid/hps pumping ac. Into the tent and also venting the heat with a 6 inch online my question is the set up i bought is a horizontal one and i don’t think the foot print would be big enough so, im waiting on a vertical parabolic reflector for the mh now can I also use the hps bulb vertical.and hpw far away should the light a be

Yes but when you’re light is vertically setup you lose ceiling space. You’re looking for 50watt a square foot 25sqft x 50 = 1250 watts . I run 2 600w hps/mh lights in my 4x4x6 grow tent they are cool box style. I have a lux meter so i could measure my lights and set them up so they over lap on their foot prints. A 1000 watts light is good for what you have you will have some dark spots and probably have to rotate you plants or train in sog method hop this helps you a little

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Hey @ThcinKC is your tent exactly 6ft tall? I’ve been searching everywhere for a 4x4x6. I have a 4x4x6.7 and is to tall! I’m running 3x3x6 tents but I’m looking for the extra space to maximize my grow space.

No sry, mine is 80 inches tall.i wish it were alil taller lol

Thank you very much.let me ask you do you think I should or could also run my 1500 watt led along with the hid lighting?

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running both couldn’t hurt. however, you might have to work it a little to get both working.

1000 watt hps works fine for a 4x4 area…the reflective interior bounces the light around.

I would think bud im just trin to get it all perfect.and seems like the light is half the battle.i bought a bunch of ocean forest soil for a good base

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My tent is actually 6.5ft tall @Noctis420 i always have to raise my lights up to the top once the canopy has filled

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I’m going to stop you right there until you explain EXACTLY what your plan is and which precise lamp you have as it’s not always as simple as hanging a bulb a different way.

My plan is to do the best I can.thats why I’m here to last grow I used a 1500 watt king led it did ok but I wanted to step it up a notch.that being said I was able to find someone selling a used 1000 watt metal halid /hps for $50 so I jumped on that my tent is a 5x5,so I also bought a 42 inch parabolic reflector in hope that it would extend the foot print of the 1000 lamp.however the bulb would have to be hung vertically which would rob me of space as my tent is only 80 inches high and im growing in 5 gal since now I’m deciding not to use the parabolic reflector my foot print will be short of my garden thats why I asked if I can also use the led on conjunction with the hid lighting
Im here to learn so im all ears if you have some advice

My own view is “no” on the vertical for various reasons, but most importantly is that you bought a horizontal light setup and that means that unless the lamp is one that can be used at any angle it MUST be hung within 10° of horizontal or the results could be catastrophic.

No reason you cannot hang the led over one part and hid over the other, heights will have to be different and you may have to increase ventilation to allow for the extra heat generated but no reason you can’t. Will even give you the chance to size up the difference between hid and “average to OK type good” knowing that the advances in led means you can get more bang for your watts and buck when you do decide which route to go.

Im happy I asked and thank you.i have ac going rite into my tent and it’s all being vented out thru a 6 inch inline fan.