Light height limit hit, what are options?

We have lifted the light as far as we can get it. It is a MarsHydro TS3000. The tallest plant is 9.4" from the light. I have bent and tied plants down as much as I can. The ones seen sticking up I really have no place to tie them down to without getting into the other ones. I can try but the tent is full. I can dim the lights. Otherwise at a loss here as what to do. This is making a good case for me getting a Gorilla tent with height extensions for next grow.

The light is dimmed all the way here to be able to take a better photo.

Edited to add I use Simply Silica as a pH up and the stems are very strong and sturdy and I don’t want to break them bending them down. I have used Coban earlier to repair branches broken, with success, but figure at this stage of flowering it may not be a good thing to even attempt. The plant to the left is just now flowering. There is a short shrubby Grape to far back left so I have to leave it with light. These are Wedding Cake.

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How many weeks into flowering are the tall ones?

I topped early veg to help control height.

@MrPeat, doesn’t use the same light, but maybe able to give some tips on helping. Though I think when his gets to tall, he bends the tops over out his tent, through the front door, over his home, back into the tent through a window ( guesstimate of course :slight_smile:)


@KikiGee You need ro raise the light as high as you can. The tops with suffer badly if you don’t. It will destroy the trichomes and make those buds worthless. They will also suffer from heat and light burn. Think of a magnifying glass when you was a kid and used the sunlight to burn brown, crispy leaves.

Bend them over as well as you can. Secured them in place like with Paracord. Once they have enough weight, you can release them. They will grow horizontal. Works like a champ. I have tondo this with every grow. :+1::+1::+1:

I do not like topping a plant. This is when a Scrog setup comes in handy. FIM it a few times.


They started flowering July 1st. I did top them all.
That is funny!

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Thank you! Will work on that. I did FIM on one, the one to the left that just flowered, and topped the others. I will get in there and be as brave as I was trying that supercrop method on a few stems. I started the SCROG too late as it took Amazon forever to do the 2 day delivery of my nets. :rofl:

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@KikiGee Bend them now before they get to stiff. Its a hard lesson to learn from. Unless you are me and do this on every grow on purpose. :+1:

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:joy: That would be me, too. Sometimes of some of us have to take the field trip. More than once.

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Do you have filter & exhaust fan above the light? Any chance they can be relocated vertically in the tent or outside of the tent? Otherwise bend and tie


I grow Super Monsters on every grow. I like my big, bushy girls packed with 1 lb dried, cured and no stems. :+1:

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You can try the pinch and bend method on the tallest tops. First you pinch hard about a foot below the top (or wherever you want to bend it) to make a flat spot, then you bend the top over slowly so it bends at that flat spot you made, towards one of the directions where the stem is flat, generally keeps the stem from snapping, then tie over to keep it bent at 90 degrees. Plan how you want to bend it so you put the flat spots in the right place. What I used to do in the old days when I let my plants get too tall.

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I am so glad to see this as that happened to me about four times. It looks a bit untidy but guess to be expected.

Now I have a whole new issue going on:

Way down low I found pollen and little yellow petal thingy on a leaf. Talk about panic. I took the hermie out as soon as I knew, was last week and didn’t see anything at all that looked like it was going to open the sacs. I then found another thing that looks to be that type of flower (Circled in red - and what may look like pollen sacs under the bud to the left is actually some of those little things with tendrils that got piled up) but the this is the weird plant that I posted about recently about having the little thing on each side with tendrils but didnt’ look like it was a hermie. (Circled in the photo - on the photo of the bud with stem) Which seemed to be consenus. I thought these were seeds starting and that this plant was pollinated by the hermie. I still can’t see any sign this plant is a hermie but it does have the immature seeds.

I am putting photos here of what I am seeing. Does this plant go or will it be okay but less quality buds? The others with buds have no sign of being pollinated with no seeds if that is what I am seeing.

Right now hoping I won’t have to get rid of all my six plants and start over. If that is all I can do, then that is okay. A little disappointing but a learning lesson for sure.

None of what I am describing seems to make sense…must be the Glueberry OG I am using today.

No, they are set back. Would have been a nice fix though. See below answer as I discovered a way larger problem. I did get everything tied down though.

Well that is a male by the looks so a Hermie. One disadvantage of growing big plants. I am lucky.

Or that is the strangest flower of all time.

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If it’s fully hardened off, use gas pliers: wrap the spot to be crushed with electrical tape before you do and leave the tape on for a week after. This is the safest way I know to control a hardened off stem without it breaking.


So does it need to go or is it already too late anyways so just finish them all out even the hermie? I have pinched those balls off everytime I see one.

I did use coban after I accidentally did that. I will keep that in mind though for next time. Great idea.

And to just want to weep, two of them have the most gorgeous maroon colors coming through.


Took out the hermie yesterday. Should have done it last week when I took out the other one. As much as I thought I would recognize one after all the reading and looking online, I realize sometimes, at least for a rank beginner, it is just not all that easy. In the past, prior to cannabis using days and being a drinker, this would have just unbended me and I would have quit. Now I am still excited and curious and deciding which grow to start next. I worked to get everything tied down so they should be good to the end.

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