Light has been off for 3 days

Question from a fellow grower:

I have about 100 plants in flower and they are in a light dep, dogwalker og, and they are in their third week of flower and im thinning them out. Im going back and fourth on how much to take off. This crop is my make or break crop, I am a female and under a lot of scrutiny so i have to produce. What happened was the power went out for three days and so the plants were in total darkness and obviously went into flower and then back out so half of them are what seem to bee too bushy and Im worried that their are too many tops and im wondering if I sould take half of them out. They are in 30 gallon pots and about 5 feet tall, some of the main branches have about 30 tops or bud sites. Please help!!!
i hope you have time to respond thank you for you times and expertise


Hey @MacGyverStoner @Aquaponic_Dumme @Hammer maybe they can help

I’m not sure I understand what you’re asking because you said your plants are in the third week of flower , then the lights were out for 3 days and then now they’re back out of flower… I’m not really understanding what you’re asking …please explain a little better so that I can give you a good answer…
If they were in flower and for some reason never got any light for 3 days it’s not going to hurt anything …it’s when the lights come on during their dark period that you will run into problems…that’s why I’m not really sure what you’re asking and if they’re in veg it shouldn’t hurt anything either …they will revert back to veg…


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too many tops??? those are exactly the kinda issues a hope for break out the trellis netting tie them up or crack out the pruning sheers and send them my way. They’ll be fine and if you think they are too bushy prune not a major issue


Do any of the plants show buds/pistils any where?

Hahaha right. Ya just a prune is exactly what I’m gonna do. Just wondering if there was a rhyme or reason when they are so bushy- thanks for the encouragement. :slight_smile:

Thanks for response- they went into flower weeks before I flipped. Creating heavy stem growth

I have a few blackouts were I live ,plants were 5 weeks into flower and power off for 2 days but no ill effect ,once in flower darkness should not effect the plant that much 1 would think strange,maybe slower development of the buds .