Light green/yellow leaves

A question from a fellow grower:

I have a problem with my plants, the leaves are now a light green/yellow. I have just had a problem with spider mite but this I hope is now in hand. I have tried going to your page on your blog for nutrient deficiencies but it wasn’t there?

I will attach some pics and would be great if you could help me.

Soil in pots
Ph runoff I haven’t done but given at 6-6.5
Strength I follow the feeding chart for the Shogun range which I am using
Indoor but in an outdoor shed
Sunmaster hps 600w but running at 400w with a digital ballast
Lights on temp approx 24, lights off temp approx 8
Humidity N/A
Ventilation 6" in the tent venting into the shed with a 4" extracting out the shed
No ac, humidifier or dehumidifier
Co2, N/A

Some pics in natural light would prob help them see better and be able to help you quicker :+1:

Use this for your spider mites

Tabacco Juice recipe

Take 3 strong ciggeretes soak them over night in water
Boil it for 2 to 3 miniutes, adding hot sauce and the hotter the better let it cool off and spray the plants 3 to 4 times a week. You can add dish soap if you like to the mixture.
(make absolutly sure you use gloves/face protection while handling and spraying)
Make sure you strain it real good or you won’t bbe able to spray

Also make sure that you get under the leaf as well real good



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Here’s the chart.

how many plants? How old are they? How far away are you lights?

Temp swing is a bit too large as well. You really want to stay within about 4 or 5 degrees. So 24 during the day is fine, but no lower then about 20 at night. 8 is too low!

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This is exactly how my grandma treated potatoes from potato bug…:slight_smile:

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Pretty cold I just went through a month or more trying to grow in those kinda temps it makes for some seriously unhappy ladies a temp swing like that will make flowering a nightmare trust me just did it. I revamped and built new shed insulated and purpose built plants don’t really grow so much as survive in cold and hermi’s are very real possiblity. You also have to keep in mind some nutrients aren’t available to your plants in cold temps soil takes far… longer to dry leading to fungus knatts root rot stagnant conditions the ideal is a 10f swing day to night

This is a valuable resource for figuring out your problems. Jerry