Light green spots?

Hi All,

On my second grow so a newbie here. My plants are 22 days from germination and I’m noticing some of the leaves have light green spots. Can anyone tell me what this could be please. On my last grow I was dealing with rust fungus and I did notice some on this same plant and treated for that about 2 weeks ago…now this. Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks!

Are you spraying the leaves with anything? Foliar spraying.
Could be residue or nutrient burn from drops.


@cmichphoto this might help

The only thing I’ve sprayed on it is the sulfur anti-fungicide. I have 2 more high CBD plants that have the same thing. I am feeding them Cal/Mag. Thank much.

Does not resemble anything on the chart that I can see. Any thoughts as to what it may be? anyone? Please?

Let me get @Hogmaster in here he might have a better answer

It looks like you possibly had some nutrient water drop on those leaves during watering.

I just changed the water 2 days ago and keeping the nutrients at 1000 range right now. Also adding cal/mag.

Have some hard water issues from the tap so I am using distilled and RO water currently.

Ok when you use destined or to water u need to always put the calmag into water to and distilled have none of it so yes that will help

Are they in 5gal buckets dwc system

If so how many are they recirculating to a main reservoir Wed info I grow hydro in a 5bucket 5gal rdwc system and it is about 20 gal all together and I use calmag extra 2 ml per liter I use 60 ml or 2oz if that is easier for you but that’s a little under half cose I use tap water I know for ro it’s more like 150 to 200 ml like 4 to 6 oz every change

They are in 5 gal buckets…no reservoir. The light green spot have now turned brown. Maybe it was/is rust fungus?

@garrigan62 you guided me before, any thoughts? much thanks. Please see latest pic .

I don’t think ive ever seen anything like that before. Might be residue from something?

Its showing as a cal deficiency, maybe try lowering the ppm a little .

I had issues in the past with ph fluctuations, and the leaves looked almost identical. Only thing was the spots never changed to brown. They stayed the same off green color

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