Light green spots on leaf, Pleas help

Hi all, hope everyone is well. Just had a question about random spots appearing on my girls. first time grow so I get paranoid about any thing that might be wrong. Growing three different plants one Autoflower Indica one White widow and one random bag seed. all are showing these random spots that start of kinda pale green/shiny then turn necrotic. Symptoms started appearing about a week ago. Indoor grow Soil is Scotts pure organic mix at a Ph of 6.5/6.7 and contains 3 months of NPK Also had a small fungus gnat problem in at the beginning but treated with Bti and hasn’t been a problem since. No other pests, Iv’e been searching. Currently 6 weeks from seed and about to switch to flowering in a week or so. Growing in a bathroom for higher humidity but not sure exactly what the humidity is. Under LED 18hr/ 6 hrs sitting 50cm 20inch above canopy. Room temp 26C 78.8F also has small oscillating fan. Think it might be a deficiency maybe but I honestly don’t know. If anyone could help it would be much appreciated Cheers C.J

Is it on just one leaf or is it everywhere?

Hey thanks for replying, on a few leaves of each plant probably 5 or so on each and randomly placed, some new growth but mostly lower ones and new spots appearing maybe one or two a day

Water with Ph distilled water was thinking it might be Cal/Mag deficient from everything iv’e been looking at but not sure?

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There is a plant diagnosis page around here somewhere. That’s one place to start. Or go to grow weedeasy dot com, they have the best diagnosis I’ve seen so far

Yeh been the Growweedeasy sick plant diagnosis page the only then that matches is K deficient or Calcium, searched a few other Forums and that’s all i can think it is. Was hoping someone could confirm, but thanks for the advice. Is it possible to give the plant to much Cal mag if i treat it with that but its not the cause?

No, you should be fine. Just use the recommended dose. I think you’re right about it being cal/mag. I’m not positive, that’s why I said gwe. I don’t wanna steer someone in the wrong direction

Completely understand, don’t worry i wouldn’t hold you responsible lol. Just grateful for the advice an input, Thanks so much very much appreciated. C.J

Do you foliar feed looks like it may be nuts that have dried on the leaves