Light from 12 to 15h

A question from a fellow grower:

I have a few plants growing from the last seeds I purchased from you. They are beautiful ! They have so many floweretts, they look like decorated Christmas trees.
I started them indoors with 18hrs of grow lamps. I have now cut down to 12hrs. In a few weeks I will have to move my plants outdoors. My question is: We are having longer and longer days. What happens when I take my flowering plants from a 12hr exposure to 14 or 15 hours of natural daylight ?

Boy I don’t think that putting them outside is a good idea. The light
Schedule may put them back to vegg stage. I won’t advise you to do that cause I surely wouldn’t.

B Safe

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Your grow will all so take longer bu one month or so (+)

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“In a few weeks I will have to move my plants outdoors”

Well, if you gotta you gotta!

I would put them back on 16-hour veg cycle ASAP!


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