Light freq for auto flowers

I have two grows going. ( bad move on my part) I have a grow box and I have a flowering WW in there. She has maybe 2-4 weeks left before she is done. I have three little ones who are under 4 CFL lights into the third week.

My question is: would
It hurt my three auto flowers to place them in box with another auto under the 2700k?

Or do I wait until the same ones show signs
Of flower before I move them?

I have only one grow box, one lamp. I do have the 6500k light but can’t use it because the other plant is the box using the 2700k.

So do I wait or can I place the three small ones (3 weeks old) into the box???


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Are they all auto flower strains if so you dont have to change lights from high k to low k for flowering run your lights 18 hours daily start to finish 6500k or 2700k brighter the better they flower on there own no matter light but for big yields HPS or good LED


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So if I put one small plant (2 weeks old) into my grow box where the light is 400 watt 2700k and it won’t negatively affect the small one?

Thanks @Brian091180

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Autoflower right and lights are on 12/12 in grow box correct? If thats the case no shell be great ive got a Autoflower going that is a month old 12 hours light the whole time only one drawback it can decrease yields but in my case my non auto will be done in two weeks then ill bump her lights to 18 hours


There was three in there one is now in jars lol

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Also ive ran non auto flowering strain 12/12 all the way from seed got 66grams off the little girl shes in jars now so truth told it comes down to cutting losses and still getting good smoke you having different age plants and or auto and non-autoflowering plants its about making it work the best you can and learning from what you did right and wrong but if all plants are auto flowering give them 18-20 hours light keep temps correct humidity correct and youll do great if one is non auto and in flower well run your grow based on her and let the auto tag along thats what im doing and there both healthy happy girls
Hope i explained this good enough anytime you need help ill be happy to get advice
Happy growing

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Stuff them all together. Push the nutrient levels as much as possible and try new things. Experimenting is fun and it makes you better.


I have the small ones on 23/1 and big one on 12/12. Since everyone is together we are going to 18/6 tonight

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There all auto correct

Yes all four of auto White Widow
Small ones 18 days old
Big one over 130 days (smdh)

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Okay bump them lights 18-20hrs nutrient at 1/4 strength for little girls then give it a few weeks which for me is two waterings two feedings bump up little every other feeding keep good notes on everything i use a dry erase board ph for me is 6.0 +/- .3 dont try and keep it perfect ppm depends on what your feeding with but you know all this sorry if i keep running off at the mouth lol

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