Light for mother

Hello everybody
So im going to ask a question that has been answered 456884 times but I’m honestly to lazy to try to find the answer. I have a spare 100w (2.7 ųmol/j) led light kicking around and was wondering if it would be enough to veg a 3x3 or possibly a 4x4 tent? Just 3 mothers i would like to keep alive to supply me with some clones for a bonsai project i had in mind. Thanks in advance you guys/ girls are the best and have already helped me a fair shake while i was in the lurking phase. Eventually ill start a grow journal so we can all have a good laugh at my bonsai trial and (most likely) errors.

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Would probably work in a 3x3. It doesn’t really take a lot of light to keep plants alive. If you ran into problems would probably be more of an issue with physical size of light and jow it covers canopy, soectral distribution, or any undesirable plant response from low light intensity.

3x3 maybe. 4x4 no!

Thanks for the input. I guess I’ll roll the dice and see what happens in the 3x3 with it