Light for clones

How many watts is the best to put on for new clones cuts?

I try for about 10000 lux. You can just use four of the 23 watt CFLs about 2 feet away.


Your clones won’t need much light, and you can get away with using a single small CFL bulb.

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So i can probably use two 40watts fluorescents?

I would go with CFL over fluorescents. I’m sure you could do fine with them, but CFL’s give off better light that the plant can use.


Yes I agree with @Aolelon you are better off with the cflm
…well not you your plants…lol


But if i can put cfl there…should i put it under 2 40w fluorescent for plants and aquariums or just put it in my grow room(1000w led)?

You can start clones with low light. 40 watt tubes tend to be harder to use just because they are long. Cool white CFL is fine for clones. I vegged my last grow under 5000 K COBs and they grew so well it blew me away. That’s about the same as cool white. When they get a few nodes they need your big light to really grow.

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