Light failure at start of Flowering HELP!

My 600W veg light burned out due to bad ballast (also blew flowering light before i realized ballast was bad. Well I have had to move my plants from 18/6 to outside with a max7 hrs sunlight. My new ballast will come tomorrow but I need to know how to handle this after 4 days @ 7 hrs. I was ready to flower anyway. Can I just put them back under indoor light on 12/12 or should I work them up to that maybe adding an hour a day? I am sure its gonna confuse the hell out of them but they appear very healthy. So question is whether to go directly to `12/12 or gradually work back to it? THX

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I would go ahead and do 12/12. These are just things that happen and you just play the cards you are dealt. I had same thing happen to me. Now I have an extra of everything just in case


If they are flowering, def put them straight under 12/12 as to not interrupt it.

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I’d go straight to 12/12. Can’t imagbe it’ll hurt them.

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I vote for immediate 12/12…:vulcan_salute:

Thanks for the help!!! They are not flowering, I was just gonna start flowering when the ballast quit. I ordered new one and the replacement will be my backup. Not impressed with ipower at all!!! They will not send new ballast until they send me a mailer and return the defective part. That sucks as it means a 2 week process just to get it replaced. Had to order a second one and next day air shipping.