Light Distance For Seedling

Started my second grow. Below is the light that I have.

Question - once my seedling has sprouted, how close should the light be to the plant?

MARS HYDRO TS600 100Watt LED Full Spectrum Grow Lamp

GG4 Auto
Media - Coco + Perlite
Indoor Grow

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Pics not here

Well the marshydro 600 has no intensity dial to adjust anything. I would say for one we need to know what tent size your in then we need to know how many plants. This light isnt really the best in terms of light selections and im not sure your gonna be able to flower with it as its not capable of doing a lot. I believe flower was 1.5x1.5 ft. Regardless you need to shoot for about 400-500 ppfd so i would have it at 18-20 inches to start


Oops. Spritz the inside of a clear and put dome over top.
You don’t want a long stretch, so get the app photone. Then u will be where u want be.
Look at light manual …
giphy (1)


I would agree 18” to 20” is correct.


Not to disagree with the forum, but, I would map the tent with the LUX meter, then decide what fits required DLI. IMO, I got cheap lights compared to sellers pictures of maps. Not speaking of my HLG 350R, believe me.

HLG at 50% of 350 watts and at 25 inches above.
Matches the Vipar Spectra (535watts) except not as big or hot.
Less than half the power for more than the ViparV1200 could or can do.
Flowers, not seedlings. but same game.
I raise seedlings in the shadows of the big ladies.

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