Light distance and spacing

I have 6- Sunsystem LEC 315 lights . I want to cover 4x8 space. What is the correct distance for spacing?

Find the footprint of the light, divide that by the area you have and make sure there is enough
overlap that you have no light density holes in your grow space.

two rows of 3 lights, equally distanced from each other
and just come in 1 & 1/2 feet from each of the short walls.
It might be easier if you snapped a chalk line or use a laser leveler.

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6 lec.lights in a 4x4. Man hopefully u have some good ac going. Wont that get super hott in there with 6.

I tought he said 4x8.
Didn’t think the space was so small.

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It is i must have read wrong or it got changed lol. My bad.