Light dilemma wat do you think

I’ve had my autos on 18/6for first 20 days then I put them on24/0 for the last 20 days they now in flower looking good and today I’ve flipped back to 18/6 do you think this will harm them at all or decrease the final yield it’s just after having them on24/0 and now flipping them that’s way I’m worried about am I just worried about nothing

From what I have read on here, no problem.

@Bass-Assassin increases the light schedule when they start budding.

@bonnie1 is an auto grower as well.

Seems to me all living things need to rest. I’m no pro in fact I’m still trying to reach rookie status! Just seems to me we could all use a few hours sleep. Who knows try 24/6!?!? :eyes:

@AAA… yup all mj plants need sleep and I do 18/6 right till the end. I always turn off my lights when it’s hottest and in winter I turn off during the day & keep on at night, gets very cold here.


@bonnie1 thanks, Ive been tagging you in on auto questions!

yeah here to im in uk. but do you think they will like the 18/6 again after been on 24/0 now they got small flowers all over them.

@AAA… yes, that’s fine… If I can help please tag me. I really have been growing some great bud, like I said can’t imagine my life without it now… my sister & her husband have been very impressed & they want to brag but I have to warn them on that… but it’s only natural to wanna show off your achievements :+1::seedling::seedling:

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Yup, just go right to 18/6, your plants will welcome the time out…

You have this site to showcase your efforts!

i have done today thanks for the nudge tho some great people on here guess we like minded souls eh i just want everyone to be a succes with theirs,its funny coz in life people dont want you to succeed at anything and they hate to see people do well at things,people on here tho they good stuff rhank you.

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@Fibber34… your welcome! I always want people to succeed, especially at growing good weed!! The UK is having some tough times as well as the US… hang in there, the power of positive thinking is amazing. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to and amazing things happen every day! That’s my philosophy & whenever I doubt myself or get upset with daily life disasters, I remember positive thinking and start to think that everything will work out & only let positive healing thoughts into my head… and some great weed!! :joy: I probably won’t be back onsite much until after memorial weekend, I’ll check in some… have a great holiday :grimacing::seedling:

@AAA… I’ll be back after holiday, I’ll check in some if I see someone needing help. Have a nice memorial weekend :blush::seedling::seedling:

Yes Autos do very well on 18/6. I had originally planned to keep it on that schedule until harvest because that’s what the pros recommend.

When mine started blooming, I switched to 20/4 to experiment with how it affects the length of the grow and size of the buds. I’ll let you know how that works out.

I completely agree with the more experienced growers. Every plant needs to rest, which happens in the dark. I’ve been told be several sources that the roots do their growing in the dark, so it is important for healthy plants to have darkness.

12/12 works great


Concur with @HornHead. Got 10ZAHA and 7ZNLA on a 12/12 schedule from seed.

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That is what I found my autos like also 12/12

I’m gonna try 12/12 from seed come fall. Too hot to grow indoors in summer. Plus sun is a beast and is free.

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My autos started stretching almost an inch a night whenever I went to 12/12 from 18/6