Light/dark cycles


I know that the plant gets all her energy from the lights however why does she seem to do most of her growing in her dark cycle


Hi, if I remember right from my college biology classes the reason is that during the day they are busy photosynthesizing the sun into usable chemicals that are then used at night to grow, thought to be the product of increased turgor in the plant cells caused by the chemical reactions. Maybe there is a better explanation out there but that is what I learned. Maybe it was that basic botany class I took, LOL, been too long ago to remember which class though.


That makes perfect sense, was just curious cause that’s when I notice great differences is when I turn on the lights


I’m pretty sure that during daylight, the plant draws up nutrients from soil to use… Then when lights go off… It actually drops back to roots, roots probably then enlarge, grow at night… This is why they say to always harvest the plant in morning before lights/ sun up… So you don’t have plant draw up nutes before harvest


I have never heard that so thanks for the info


Big roots means big fruits!


So anewer me this if you can, I have asked but not recieved a straight answer. I’m new to led lights I have 6 germinated seeds that was placed in soil and put under a dome, so should I use natural light to pop these outta the soil or use the led? And if I don’t use led to pop them up when do I switch to the led?


@Sirsmokes… What I do is use a cfl setup to use on the sprouts when the seeds pop out soil… I usually keep them under the cfl, in a solo cup until 2-3 weeks… Then when I feel they are strong enough, I transplant to 5 gal fabric pots and under my led lights at 36-40 inches to start so they acclimate to new stronger lights… You can use led for sprouts but be careful how close the lights are… Also depends on watts of your led… I personally like the cfl because I can put the bulbs very close, inches away with little or no heat stress an baby sprout… Hope that helps you out


i actually didnt have CFLs when i got my seeds, so in a hurry, i cranked my leds a few feet up and used them, lowering them slowly to final working height over the next 2 weeks or so time

i dont know if that is right or wrong aside from spending way more on electricity than i needed to, its just what i did and it worked


You can use natural light too… But watch that sprouts done stretch and get lanky and too tall… Also drop a small fan to circulate air and it also will strengthen the stalk so it grows tall with strong stem @Sirsmokes


Thanks I appreciate any advice I can get this is the first grow in 19 years. Right now I have them in a starter box in coco coir in a dome with 2 13w t8 and a 120w ge grow bulb, and to me stretching is what I’m concerned with. Right now if I use natural light where I live they will stretch or if I put them in good sunlight they would have to be directly in the open in my yard and I live in a neighborhood so that’s not ideal for me


My lights are 200 actual watts but says it’s 600w but I’m new to this led but what I do know is my first round was started and grown undr 4 13w t8 and 3 ge 120w grow lights they didn’t grow great and we’re in flowerING for 11 days. They just got tunder the led 3 days ago and they love it already starting buds but due to poor start I will be happy if I get a coupleasure Oz so I want best start possible with these on lighting


Your welcome, good luck… And if you have any questions, just reach out here… All the folks here are awesome and we all try and help each other out @Sirsmokes


Hey everyone hope all is well. New to growing. Ok my seed have popped up do I leave my light on or 18 and 6… need help please…


You can run 18/6 or 24/7 that’s up to you I like to give min rest and I also have mine turn off during the hottest part of the day


@Ozzie1 Just create a new Grow Journal in the beginner section and there will be plenty of people awnsering all your questions. And yes it’s good to go for 18/6 but could also be as high as 24/0 until germination.


Yes me too what I have read I like the 18 - 6. I am new at this so I just
going to stay with 18-6 . Because just so happens the the off time is the
hottest part of day. ty so much…


Any time things have really changed sense my last run at this. These people on this forum are awsome any question you may have their are plenty of experts on whatever you decide to do you will rairly get bad info, if someone doesn’t know they will tell you and recommend someone for you to talk to


Same as body building ")


I think you nailed it @FreakyDeekie