Light damage or nute deficiency?

Hi all. Back with another plant issue. Seeing what you think. The first pictures show Blue Dream Auto at 10 weeks from sprout. I think I it got a little N burn a while back and then the light was too close which I think turned the leaf tip yellow and then brown. However, the leaf spikes (not sure what they’re called) are yellowing. Is this a nute issue? It’s probably been at least a month since I top dressed. The light is about 18 inches from the top of the tallest bud.

The other pictures show a Crictal Mass CBD Auto at 10 weeks and well ahead of the Blue dream. Leaves are starting to show the same thing but could this be the beginning of fade? I think I only have a couple weeks left on her. She also hasn’t been fed for at least a month. This girl is short so the light is very far from her.

@MeEasy - You don’t know me but I read through your grow journal the other day (took a minute lol) and know you grow organically. Thought you could help. Great grows btw. Thanks.
@Lacewing @Tylersays @PurpNGold74

AK 47 Auto from WeedSeedExpress & Critical Mass CBD Auto from ILGM

• Growing in Coco w/Down to Earth Organic amendments and worm castings. DTE All purpose 4-4-4 and Bloom 4-8-2

Not sure on the brand of coco.

• 5 gallon fabric pots

• pH of water is 6.5

• I do not measure runoff.

• Indoor

• SF-2000

• Day temps- 75-80F Night Temps- 71-73F

• Day RH- 50% Night RH- 60% (These fluctuate depending on when the last watering was. Trying my best to keep it in check.)

• 4" exhaust

• Small De-humidifier

• No CO2 supplement


To be honest they look pretty good
The tips of the leaves just show signs :placard: of you feeding nutes and some growers call it painted nails cannabis …it shows the nutes are working

I couldn’t say about the lighting cause I use the sun lol
But I will say some of your pistols look more yellow than white and I can’t tell if it’s genetics or light burn …
I’m a pissant but I read a lot thank you for tagging me …I’m sure someone has a better answer


Thanks. I think the yellow is an issue with the picture lighting. The leaves are more bright green than dark so they may be reflecting off the white pistils.

I’ve been following your grow. Looks great! I’m going to try an outdoor grow this coming spring. Seems like it’s a constant battle with bugs. I had a hell of a time when I had an organic vegetable garden.


The leaf tips being yellow is from a little nute burn, but it’s not progressing so you know you are feeding them right. Not an issue with your lights being too close :call_me_hand:t3::v::bear:


The best thing you can do for yourself if you are gonna grow outdoors …I’d expect to tolerate some type of insects …usually the predators know exactly where to go and eat …however there is a point where you may have to step in if they don’t …but that’s your best defense against insect pests
It’s free and all you have to do is watch

Get on the internet when you are bored and just start reading about common garden pests

Then find out their predators
Then find out what plants attract those predators and when you start outdoors try to place some of those plants near your grow
Easy to do from seeds just like the cannabis plant

I’m not saying to companion plant
There’s all different types of companion planting
I just plant what the predators also like

I even plant stuff that humming birds like because they even eat insects

I owe all my successes with this grow to the predators and to a lot of fine people around here

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Thanks. The leaf pointy tip has been yellow for a while (now brown) but the individual spikes are now yellowing. Is that progression? Like I said, they thing hasn’t been feed for over a month. How long can N last in the soil?


That may then be the plant taking nutrients from those leaves …

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DAM buds look really good

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Thanks for the advice. Never knew that about humming birds. I once bought lady bugs on Amazon and released them in my garden. Stuck around for a few days and then they were gone.


Consider minute pirate bugs in the future
They will reproduce on your plants and be around for a long while

I’ve had them for months
Definitely into the 3rd generation
They are as good as any predator and they won’t fly away lol


I was thinking that’s what was happening with the CM CBD. What does the start of fade look like? Tips go first or does the leaf change color like a tree in autumn?

Wish I could tell you I’ve never made it this far lol

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It most likely is progression. They look pretty late in flower, but I wouldn’t quit feeding them yet. They can still harden up some for you


Just read they bite??? You get bitten?

Lol ok. In the same boat.

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Nope …they only bite near the end of the season when they accidentally land on people
They are trying to go overwinter and they run into people and they bite mostly from curiosity

I’ve had them on me and never got bit yet


I’m growing organic…I was told to not top dress late in flower.

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Well I’m gonna stick around and learn then lol

I have seen some peoples plants get really nasty looking in a good way towards the end and I think that’s the direction your are going …

I’m gonna try and flush roughly a week or 2 before I chop

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I hope that’s what’s happening! I’ve been really itching to get this grow done. We were new to VA and didn’t have anywhere to get some bud so we are dry, staring at big buds week after week. It’s very hard to not just take a little taste.


Ah man don’t do it !!! Lol resist the temptation
Dry and cure it …sample it like once every 2 weeks …
Easy for me to say …I’m not dry EVER …have a med card
I really wanna try mine just as bad as you tho so not being dry doesn’t really matter either hahaha