Light cycles in Veg?

I been wondering about light cycles in veg.
So from what I gather you can keep your lights on for 24 hrs or you can go with 18on / 6off, also growers that have experimented with all different light schedules, 19/5, 20/4,etc.
My question is this.
Can light schedules be mixed say for the first 2 weeks you stay 24 on then the next two weeks switch to 18/6. Now I understand you can transition them to 18/6.
But could you transition them back to 24hrs.
Not sure if you even would want to do this I’m just curious if someone has tried and what results did they find?

I hope I posted this in the right place.
P.S. This is my first grow and I’ll take any and all Info and opinions


If you’re growing photos in veg I would run 18 /6 till time to flip and then go 12 /12. Autos will grow under just about any reasonable light schedule from start to finish. Hope that helps good luck

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Or say screw it and join the Elite Club of 12/12 start to finish. No…18/6 is perfect. Plants need a break aka Photos. I also grow Autos on 12/12 only.

So I don’t have an actual Veg Cycle. :+1:

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