Light cycles in Midwest winter?

My tent area (upstairs) gets quite a bit cooler at night! Bottom line is I now believe I should have my dark period during the afternoon during veg. Lamp heat at night offsetting lower temps and let the vent system create the balance. I’m currently checking the forecast for the night and manually adjusting. I’m trying to take myself out of it especially when I’m asleep for my solid 4 hrs a night. Anyone have experience in this, currently at 13 days in the cup and getting prepared for full 18/6 veg.
Currently on from 7AM - 7 PM. Propose 7 PM - 1 PM when moving to veg. Thoughts? Thank you!

Easy enough. When the lights go out for the last time at 7PM, then leaves the lights off for 24 hours and then turn them back on with your new 7P to 1P schedule.


I’m trying to figure this out myself because I just bought a tent for the first time I have been growing in a walk in closet for a couple years bought new lights which made me struggle with temperature. My thoughts are I could control my environment easier in a tent :crossed_fingers: so if you have tips I’ll definitely listen to em.

As to the question on day and night I don’t see a problem but I wouldn’t switch the times all at once. I would change the time like an hour or two at a time every few days. Plants seem to have a memory I’ve noticed that they’ll start their nighttime rest (droop) an hour or so before lights go off and it could cause em to shock with a drastic change in time. I don’t know if it would be a problem because I’ve never done it but seems to me it could

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Aren’t Midwest winters lovely. I have always run lights on at night. Cooler summer eves and frigid at night.


The struggle is real. I’ve got my tent in the bedroom that is the most exposed to weather. The walls are fairly well insulated, but there’s a pretty big window in the room. Fortunately the window is recessed. I cover the window with a half inch of foam insulation in the Winter and it does a pretty good job. It was 16F overnight and the lowest overnight temp in the tent was 64, which is good enough.

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A lot depends on where you are at, climate, environment you have to work with and $$. I’m trying to leverage the cold variations against the lamp heat. This reduces the hands on and costs relative to heating the room appropriately which is a moving target. I’m new and learning as I go when it comes to my set up!
What can you easily control in your space and try and work off that. You may be able to balance something else against any constant you have. I’m changing hrs to take advantage my situation. Hope this helps!

Mich. grower here and I have my lights on from 6 to 6 or 7 to 7. Temps without lights in the tent can get to the low 60 or so but they seem to grow well enough without extra heat $$$. You can work out every growing situation you may face with a little thought. happy growing :bat: :crazy_face:


You are right on with that! With frigid quickly approaching I think I’m going 24 dark from 7 to 7 tonight and pick up my 12 hr schedule starting 7 pm tomorrow. A bit nervous but I think better now than to wait. Thanks for the input, learning as I go! Spent many summers at Twin lakes in Dowagiac, some of my favorite family memories! :sunglasses::+1:

Great idea. I have always run my lamps at night, even in summer. I also have a pro style grow and use A/C, and dehimidifers.

Great advice above. When you are ready to flip, just leave lights off until the time in the evening you wish to start the photo period. Happy growing.

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Thank you so much!

Ok, so I restarted my lights after a 24 hr blackout and am including pics of my girls who are 11 days old.
I’ve taken the domes off, am I too soon? If not, should I wait to transplant before upping to full veg 18/6?

I’m worried, they look a bit weak!