Light cycle = love

Hey guys, new to the growing scene…just planted more seeds in hyroponic and they’ve are popped out of their husk. However, for the first 2 weeks, I was supposed to have the light on for 24hrs…instead my simple self only had it on for 24hrs for just one day and not the 13 others. So my question is…Do I flip the cycle back to 24hrs another 13days or just let my babies continue on the 18/6 cycle? Thanks!

I’ve always run my seedling light cycle at 18/6. Some people run them 24 hours, but it just seems like a waste of energy in my opinion.

Welcome to the forum. You are in good company here.


I personally do 20/4 but I think the girls do way better with a little rest

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Ok, cool. Appreciate the timely response.

Thanks… Always something new to learn.

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Tell me about it ive been growing for 2 months now and I’ve learned something new every single day

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For veg you have 18/6, any combination above this, up to 24 hours on. Sleep cycles are where your growth happen. Its dependant on the light strength you have for slow or fast veg growth.

Nutes are vitamins and light is food.


As long as you don’t give more than 6 hours sleep, she will stay in veg. More than that for days and she will go into flower.


It’s all personal preference. As soon as my seed hits the dirt, they go on 6/2 lighting all the way until the 12/12 flower flip.

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Thank you so much!

That’s awesome! Thanks for the info.