Light cycle Interrupted


Hi guys I read total darkness for at least 12 hours for flower time. So i have it set up for 6am -6pm with my led on. At 6pm it shuts off but if I need to tend to them for a few minutes is it okay to put my regular light bulb on? Will the plant react to the artifical light? Sounds stupid but just curious thanks


If they are autos no problem… if photos then be careful… you may turn them into hermies if they get too stressed…try to do it fast… also, what stage of flower are you in?


A green light is the only light you should use if you need to tend to them at night. I usually set my timer in flower from 9 am to 9 pm. This allows me the time I need after work to be able to come home and take care of anything the plants need before they go dark. It takes very little light to throw off flowering. I believe about one candle worth of light is enough to throw it out of wack. So I recommend that you do not use a light during the dark period, but change the schedule to accommodate any maintenance that needs to be done. Or buy a green light lol. Hope this helps.


I would adjust time frame to accommodate your schedule.


@Vexer is right… I only spray my plants in the dark… so go buy a green CFL if you want to do any night gazing… :wink:



roll your time forward.


Thanks guys I work about 50plus hours a week and my schedule is always different. Im gonna have to figure the best time that works for me. And my girls! Lol thanks again. You guys rock


Just go and buy a green CFL and you can go in there whenever you want… :wink:



I run my lights opposite of the sun which may work for you as well. 7pm lights come on and lights out 7am I am always home during those hours so can go in anytime.


i have a green head lamp for this…
i also do my best to avoid using it. try not to make it an everyday habit.