Light cycle for White Widow autoflower

From a fellow grower: have a white widow auto in my tent right now and it’s 32 days old and I have had it on a 24 hour light cycle her whole life. I was watching a YouTube video that said that 24 hour light cycle is not good for auto’s cause they need to rest. My question is, if I were to switch the light cycle now at 32 days old to a 20on/4off light cycle would that be just fine or would it cause them to much stress?

Cannabis is a C3 plant and does not need dark periods to complete all biological processes. That said, many growers will run their autos 18/6.

The most important thing you need to meet is the plant’s daily light requirements (DLI.)


I run a 20/4 light cycle and i do autos

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They’ll be fine with the switch up but as the above said you’ll need to increase light amount slightly to adjust to the less daily light intake

I run mine at 18/6