Light cycle for potted seeds


Hi @Bobbi Welcome to ILGM. This is a great place to get good info for growing. A LOT of experience growing here.

I think it is great that you are going to grow your own meds rather than go pharmaceutical ! It is a lot less risky than conventional medicine. I am growing for my depression,pain and insomnia meds. Got sick of taking pills that made me sick and depressed.

Would love to grow outside but my situation doesn’t allow. Still have fun growing indoors.

Hope you have a great grow. Jerry


I think you’ll be fine with 3 gallon for 6 weeks if your going to put them in the ground
Size of pot will determine size of plant if you keep them in pots could you find a zone in yard that gets late morning sun and good afternoon sun ? If so then you could use bigger pots ?


How many hour of sun do they need?


G@Hawkeye_diesel…If I purchased a small tent, would I have to vent it out? That wouldn’t be possible in my house. My friend and I planned on moving these 5 potted plants around where the sun goes while keeping out of sight of neighbors. Doesn’t sound like a very good plan.


If you are worried about smell, then you’ll have to get an exhaust fan with a filter and an intake fan to keep the temps down and a good flow of fresh air. Then lights start playing into ir


I don’t think it a problem moving them around if you have the time and energy
If you need to hide from the neighbors then smells going to give you away
If your going to want them in direct sun for most of the day
I’d say at least 12 hrs of direct sun and then indirect sun the rest of the day would be ok
Maybe a small green house out side would help hide them from peeping eyes ? And you could put in sunny spot they have some small walk in type green house maybe 4x4x7 foot high o saw fairly inexpensive and for sure cheaper then putting a tent in house with exhaust fans and lights
Although I grow mostly indoors because I’m not in a legal state my self @Bobbi I still throw one or two outside but I have 2&1/2 acres to play with
From you earlier pics it looks like you neighbors are a lot closer then mine


We had a perfect spot for them, wide open in a dry marsh when we ordered the seeds. All day and evening sun but it was flooded out with heavy rains late fall. We have a heavy woods 30 feet to the west of us and houses on both sides of us so you can see our problem. I’m 72 and healthy but can’t lift a lot due to bad back. I was thinking about a greenhouse but would run into the problem of not enough sun. I can’t afford all the equipment that goes along with a tent. I don’t know what I’ll do, wing it when the time comes. Thanks for all the help and suggestions, I’d send you all chocolate chip cookies if I could.


I understand have a bad back I have one as well and I’m much younger at 45
I wish you luck @Bobbi and if I can anything you can tag me by putting a @ symbol in front of my screen name


Hi @Bobbi, I understand your problem with neighbors, I have the same problem.

I have a possible solution that may make it way easier to move the plants around that a neighbor I had as a child used. He made (I’m sure you can buy one) a flat cart that was only about 6 inches off the ground. He would move his vegetable containers around the lawn and put them in the sun, or shade, as needed. That might help a little with the lifting and all. He never took the containers off the cart all year.

It is a shame that the government makes it so hard to grow a plant that god put on this earth. There must be a reason for it being there or it would never have existed.

Sorry I can’t be of more help. Good luck on your grow. Jerry


Hey there Bobbi, did you have a plant growing before? i seem to remember your name, how did you get on with that one if its you, hope it all went well. I too use the smaller pots so i can carry them and move them around to the sun for the day


Sorry that I glanced through the thread really quickly… but I would say if you’re going Outdoors you want the majority of your sun to be from first sun until about 1 o’clock in the afternoon …where you live might be very harsh sunlight , but I would say that the majority of the sun on the atmosphere these days is very harsh and I would tend to go with something a little easier after about 1 o’clock in the afternoon to 2 o’clock in the afternoon. … which means shaded light after that… I think you’d be okay … any more direct sunlight than that and I think you will run into problems that’s just my opinion though … not sure where you’re at on the equator… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


I’m from Minnesota. I talked to my doctor about my using it and how it took my migraine headaches away. He would have written a prescription for medical marijuana if he could, but not licensed to do it. I went to migraine specialist in Rochester, Mn and that Doctor didn’t believe in it and wouldn’t write me a prescription. So that leaves me with growing my own and scared to death I’ll spent the last 15 years of my life in jail. (I’m going to be 72) yes deb, I did grow some last year in my shaded back yard. I harvested only 9 grams because of not enough sun.


I have worked in medicine for 43 years and cannot believe that the doctors will just dismiss cannabis as a medicine. There is NO cure for migraines and I felt sorry for my patients giving them those awful medicines to use. They were expensive and had multiple serious side effects.

Cannabis has been used in Europe since the 1800’s as medicine ! The USA used it as that until the stupid government decided they knew better.


Yeses your a cool grandma in glad people are learning its medication