Light cycle for potted seeds


I just put new seeds in pots yesterday, should I leave the grow lights on them 24 hours until they sprout? After they break ground, how long should the grow lights be on and how long off? Spring time they will be transplanted outdoors.


what do you have for lights?


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I personally leave my leds light on 24/7 for the first couple weeks till I move from germination tray /dome and move to my small tent then I’m at 18/6 till flower
And I keep my led panels about 6 inches from top of my dome my lights are a bit stronger than yours I have a small 45w actual draw about 20w and a 150watt actual draw about 50w or so
Hope this helps @Bobbi


I don’t have a tent, they’ll just be in the basement, not sure what LED lights are. Is that what I have? I’m an old grandma growing for my migraine headaches with another gal who has eye issues. Yes, that help…thanks.


Hey brother, I found it. Like country said, you can do it that way or put them at 18/6 from the start. I personally haven’t tried anything but 18/6 and then for flower I use 12/12
I’m not saying they are wrong or right, it’s just a mater of preference really. Either way is gonna be good, I hope that helped.


I think I’ll do the 18/6 because hubby just asked if I had to have lights on all the time. I really didn’t want them on at night to draw attention to neighbors. Should I be concerned about the smell of 5 plants? In 6 weeks hopefully they will be planted outside.


I’ve had mine in my tent thay has the flaps open for almost 2 months and every now an then I’ll get a small wif of them, but it’s not overwhelming. And only as. I believe most start to smell around their flower stage.


Good to know, mine won’t be flowing after 6 weeks right? White willow


Yes that’s what you have @Bobbi
And that’s cool you don’t need a tent I grow indoors and out so it’s all good
Once they pop from soil you can go to 18/6 if you want or 20/4 0r 24/0 I only leave lights on 24/0 for the first week or two then change to 18/6
Just don’t go below 18/6 time period
Keep light close to soil like you have them now so soil stays warm
I use a heating pad and tray also so I can maintain humidity around 80 percent which they want at a early age
Yes they will smell once they go into flower outside it won’t be as strong of a smell but still noticeable
Last summers grow I was able to smell from 150/200 yards away when wind blew in right direction


I just bought a tent so I could grow what I wanted, because I didn’t have a good enough space and I can’t grow outside haha


Are they auto flowering or just feminized seeds?


Feminized seeds


For me I would go with a 5 gallon with feminized plants, just to let them have that extra room, how long are you going to have them vegging for? That’ll play a big part in it as well


It’ll be 6 weeks until it’s warm enough to plant outside.


I would go with a 5 gallon or bigger. 5 gallon would be the smallest I would go with a feminized plant. I hope this helps


I have to be able to move them to get am/pm sun, I might have trouble lifting anything bigger. Hubby closes a blind eye to what I’m doing, no help there.


I could plant them in the ground for great morning sun, no late afternoon or evening sun


Sorry to hear that. My girl helps fund my “medicine” operation. If you think it may be to heavy then by all.meams a 3 gallon will work. The size of the plant is dependent on the size of the pot. They just won’t get as big as a plant in a timely gallon, just like a plant in a 5 gallon won’t get as big as one in a 7 or 10 gallon pot, if that makes sense. You’ll should be alright


Of you have any other questions just holler at me
Just put the @ in front of my name and I’ll be there ears pinned back haha