Light cycle during final weeks of flowering

I’ve been reading that switching more hours of light towards the end of the bloom cycle.

Am about 7and half weeks in out of 9 weeks and am 12/12 cycle still


@Ode2jode No, more light will halt bloom and go back into veg. You’d be better off reducing the light to 14 off and 10 on the last week or 2. Some sativa strains however do better with the last 2 weeks on that 14/10 cycle and indicas tend to do better with only the last week on the 14/10.


Then you want to give them 24-48 hrs of darkness before harvesting and only harvest when the lights are out and a great majority of nutes and water are down in the roots. You don’t want to chop while the lights are on and the root system is still attached to the plant. This will greatly reduce in dry and cure time and boost aromas and flavors.


Ahoj kytka nejvíce dozrává ve tmě a to v úplné tmě není moc dobré ji rušit světlem, tak raději v úplně poslední fázi doporučujeme více tmy než světla klidně 7/17…

If anything youll want to reduce the light not add more
If you start to give longer lights time then 12-12 you will cause the plant to revert back into veg and it will stop procuding flowers
12-12 on/off or less then 12 on 10-on /14 off is agood schedule to use before harvest


I agree with @Dkr8180 and @Countryboyjvd1971 you don’t want more than 12 hours of light in bloom as it will revert back to Veg.


I do a gradual reduced light schedule. Two weeks out I drop it to 11 hrs of light. One week out I drop it to ten. Then normally let it set in darkness 24-48 before harvest.

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I like to gradually reduce as well. I typically don’t do the complete dark period though but I should give it a try and test it out

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Okay yah I understand that. But has anyone actually tested it further into the bloom cycle. This strand takes 9 weeks. So say 8 weeks in. Is it really going to start vegging again?

It doesn’t matter what week its in…
You had a question, it’s been answered so take from it what you will. Maybe you should try it your way and see if it works for you and you can know for your next grow whether it’s something that works, against all odds, for you.

There will be no benefit to what your proposing… it will only set you back and has the opportunity to hermi out on you… :wink:

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