Light cycle change

Hey guys and girls, this is my second indoor grow. Growing strawberry og kush Using 1000w led. I am also trying living super soil for the first time. It has been in veg for 8 weeks at 18/6, it has been fim a couple of times and LST. It is looking healthy but looks like it needs more veg time before I switch to 12/12. Also should I trim any off the plant and should I keep the LST ties on or cut them?Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Welcome your plants look healthy a rule of thumb I use is when the canopy covers 50 percent of the grow space flip to flower it looks like your there or close

Thanks dirtydave, now should I cut the LST ties when I go 12/12 or leave them?

You can if you don’t you have watch them the plants double in size you don’t want the wires to cut into the stems

Thanks Dave super helpful. I will cut them when I go 12/12. Which should be in the next few days. Have you ever lolly popped and once I cut the ties should I be thinking about trimming underneath once the start to get bigger or should I just trim as needed for light. Again thanks for the advice, growing in a grow room is way diffrent from growing outside lol. But fun so far.

Yes we are at the same point in our grows just cleaned out the bottom of my plants today going to flip on Saturday

Thanks again for the great advice now I feel more comfortable about trimming and cutting the ties.

Some before and after pics from today’s trimming your Doing great

They look good and healthy my man. I see what you mean, I also see you just extended some of your ties. Good idea cause I’ve got an sog built above it so I could direct the branches Into the holes better. First time using sog as well lol.

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