Light cycle 12/12 to 18/6 mid way of flowering?


yo @garrigan62 @yoshi @FloridaSon
as the title says, how bad is it going to affect the plant if i change the light cycle from 12/12 to 18/6 ? if this is possible, wait until end of 12h dark to switch or extend the light period of 12h to 18h ?
thx again for your answer ^^



Hey there @cristoner

Just switch to 18/6 or just leave the lights on an. extra6 houyrs.



even if its already in 5weeks of flowering ?


Well you didn’t state that at first. Just finish at 12/12 why mix things up this late in the game. At the end turn your lights out for 24 hours. She’ll put the weight on for ya.



ok i see, i need a 2nd grow space xD


Well why a 2nd grow space ?


What is your reasoning for taking them from flowering when they are so far in?

If you’re in the northern hemisphere, why not just use the sun instead of a new grow space?

The only reason I can come up with for switching now would be to monster crop. Even then, it seems you’re farther into flowering than you should be for that.

I agree with garrigan. I would just finish them out at this point.


You’re definitely too far into flower to switch her back to veg. You could try with taking a clone from her and seeing if it roots and reverts back to veg. That’s called a monster cropped clone. But as for the entire plant, I wouldn’t recommend it.



@garrigan62 @FloridaSon @ktreez420

the reason behind that was to keep on growing a new plant, while the others were on the end life, so i always have something to smoke :wink:
but i understand completely, i just need to figure out something, or i will just keep my 12/12 light sched
again thx for the insight :slight_smile:

happy growing ^^


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by the end of the year summer will be bck, i need to be patient or stick to autos in the mean time :’)


Try to take a cutting from her @cristoner, a monster cropped clone is always fun!


yo ktreez
I’m gonna look into it, don’t know how to clone yet :confused: I will clone some when i will master the grow first ^^
but first things first i need to build my supply so i can do a photo strain :smiley:
I have 2 auto blueberry seeds, waiting for them to germinate. can’t wait to try this one :wink:

got my new toy ^^




btw @FloridaSon i’m in the southern emisphere :wink:


I’m growing Blueberry now, and man, you’re gonna love it! Mines not an auto, but I’d love to see how the auto flower version grows. You should do a thread on it!



yup can’t wait to try my own auto blueberry, i had the chance to try some of my friend’s blueberry and some i bought with a random guy but still i could taste that sweet aroma, like u wanna eat your whole joint !! :smiley:

@yoshi had a thread on auto blueberry and amnesia haze First time growing auto's , Blueberry & Amnesia Haze?



I didn’t do to bad only 4.5 ounces off the blueberry and only 3.9 off the Amnesia Haze , but I ran out off space for the two , could have let the haze go longer , but dud to the blueberry was massive for an auto , I harvested the haze a few weeks sooner .


That’s an awesome yield for an auto! I think the Blueberry strains have really good genetics from all the grows I’ve seen!


I’m ordering this new strain called, Blue Amnesia. It’s a cross of Blueberry and Amnesia. Sounds incredible to me haha! I’ve been looking into blueberry crossed hybrids because I’ve loved the blueberry myself so much.


Or Blue Magnum, a cross of Blueberry and Northen Lights!